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Building Survey & Upgrading Building Performance

Ecofac provides integrated building surveying and auditing services to all establishments to assess the feasibility of energy efficiency measures and renewal energy technologies in existing buildings, including the indoor environmental conditions, system and equipment efficient energy performance, FM and O&M practices, benchmarks, and targets.

Ecofac team are well trained in collecting, analysing, and presenting information.

A building energy survey is a practical step to identify, quantify and prioritise tangible opportunities to reduce energy use, costs, and carbon emissions in a building or on a site. We carry out an audit of consumption and review of building services efficiency.

In all sectors, there are requirements to gain information of existing systems from scheduling of equipment or Condition surveys for acquisition purposes and full intrusive inspections for inventory reports.

Keeping the occupants of prestigious buildings comfortable and sustaining operational needs excessive costs in many cases.

ECOFAC can engage with owners and building FM/O&M staff to conduct upgrades to building systems to enhance total building performance.

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