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Who we are
ECOFAC is specialist in Building Services Engineering and Green Building consultancy operating in the Middle East.
Our mission
We envision ourselves to enhance the sustainability of the building stock both new and existing facilities.
Our purpose
To provide developers, owners, and tenants with a comprehensive, one-stop service to enhance the performance and asset value of their facilities, and where required, help in achieving recognition through third party certification.

Electromechanical and Green Buildings Services

HVAC Services
We manage installation, repair and maintenance of heating, ventilation, cooling system for commercial residential properties.
HVAC Testing, adjusting, and balancing (TAB)
Testing and balancing teams are equipped with state-of-the-art calibrated instrumentation.
HVAC Testing & Balancing Process
Fully competent HVAC commissioning engineers to undertake hydraulic and ventilation balancing of systems.
Commisioning Management
Far too prevalent is the attitude that Testing and Commissioning is something that takes place in the last weeks of a project, when all construction is complete, and the client is almost ready to move in.
Recommissioning (RCx) or Retro-Commissioning (Retro-Cx) is the process through which existing buildings are commissioned again to improve the building’s overall performance...
Fire & Safety Systems
ECOFAC can provide expertise in all aspects of fire services and safety systems commissioning, based on local and/or international standards and codes.
Green Buildings Certification
Green Building
Certified Green Buildings are those that have been certified by a rating system, such as LEED-NC (new construction).
Indoor Environmental Performance
Green Building
Poor indoor environmental quality has been related to increases in sick building syndrome symptoms, respiratory illnesses, sick leave, and losses in productivity.
Indoor Air Quality and IAQ Enhancements
Green Building
Most of us spend up to 90% of our time indoors and the World Health Organization (WHO) has established that more than 30% of buildings are "sick".
Independent Third Party Verification
Green Building
ECOFAC can ensure adequate levels of quality on a project. Acting in an entirely objective and independent manner, our experienced specialist engineers can
Building Survey & Upgrading Building Performance
Green Building
Ecofac provides integrated building surveying and auditing services to all establishments to assess the feasibility of energy efficiency measures and renewal energy technologies...

Our Clients

Our Projects

Ritz-Carlton Hotel
Dubai International Financial Centre
Union Properties
Marina Gate
Dubai, UAE
Select Group
Anjum Hotel
Anjum Hotel


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