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Fire & Safety Systems

ECOFAC can provide expertise in all aspects of fire services and safety systems commissioning, based on local and/or international standards and codes. This includes dedicated fire alarm and detection panels and/or integration within building automation/ management systems.

In order that occupants may be evacuated safely and securely during a fire condition, it is essential that the ventilation systems which are designed to keep evacuation paths smoke-free are tested and proven to a high level of performance. Air is injected into staircases and fire exit areas to ensure that smoke cannot penetrate evacuation routes, while extract fans draw smoke-laden air from the building in a controlled manner. Ensuring that the equipment functions correctly under fire conditions involves the precise measurement and regulation of the crucial airflow rates and pressures which can quite literally be the difference between life and death in a major fire situation.

ECOFAC staff have a wide range of experience in the review of designs, and testing and commissioning of Staircase Pressurization and Smoke Extraction Systems, gained on major projects in the Middle East. We can engage in the testing activities ourselves, or provide independent, third-party evaluation on systems installed and commissioned by others. Either way, we can help you ensure that the occupants of a building are protected to the highest degree possible.

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