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Indoor Environmental Performance

Poor indoor environmental quality has been related to increases in sick building syndrome symptoms, respiratory illnesses, sick leave, and losses in productivity. There is increasing evidence that indoor environmental conditions substantially influence health and performance.

The use of our services would be expected to lead to improved indoor environments, health, productivity, and satisfaction of the building occupants.

Our Services Offer evaluations including:

· Indoor Air Quality.

· Thermal Comfort.

· Lighting Quality and Acoustical Performance.

ECOFAC can help enhancing indoor air quality through conducting an independent survey of your ducted systems. ECOFAC can help enhancing indoor air quality through conducting an independent survey of your ducted systems for new & existing building.

Indoor Environment scheduled maintenance can be provided to our clients, to ensure they don’t face any type of issues related to the indoor environment. The maintenance services will include -

· Cleaning and changing filters.

· Visual inspection of indoor equipment.

· Regular and intensive cleaning of the outdoor units.

· We are regulating and maintaining indoor temperature and humidity.

· Checking the carbon monoxide detector properly.

· Evaluating the Air Quality.

As ECOFAC guarantees environmentally friendly services that can keep your air flow clean. It eliminates all major air pollutants from your indoor air, e.g., moisture, organic compounds, carbon monoxide, and radon, to ensure safe air quality.

Indoor Air Quality and IAQ Enhancements :

Most of us spend up to 90% of our time indoors and the World Health Organization (WHO) has established that more than 30% of buildings are "sick". The common term for this is Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) which can cause symptoms such as headaches, tiredness, and irritation of the eyes, sore throats, and nausea. It is also accepted that dirty ventilation systems are the perfect culture medium for bacteria with dead insects, mould, fungus commonly found.

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